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League Info

HappyFeet Legends Offers Year-Round

Indoor & Outdoor Leagues for Kids Ages 2.5-4

& Future Legends for Ages 5-8



The HappyFeet League is an excellent opportunity to see your little one further develop and showcase his/her HappyFeet soccer skills. Our league curriculum maximizes fun and friendship to ensure your child always wants to come back! We have found that parents & grandparents enjoy the league program as much as the kids!


Mini-Class and Games!
Each league game is preceded by a 15-minute HappyFeet "Mini Class". During the "Mini Class" your child will enjoy many dribbling and ball striking touches to prepare them for the league game. The league game immediately follows the "Mini Class" and is 30 minutes in length.

Watch HappyFeet Soccer League in Action - Click Here

About the Teams
The HappyFeet League is on weekends. It is offered for all children ages 3-6. The kids are grouped with their friends in teams of similar ages from the same school. This is the perfect way to make team play great fun and introduce kids to organized team sports. They have a blast because they're familiar with their HappyFeet coach, the HappyFeet approach and their friends from school!


Little Toes
Little Toes is a special division of HappyFeet League just for 2.5 year olds (and kids just turning 3). Little Toes sessions will be 30 minutes long and will include fun songs, games, and adventures with a soccer ball. At the end of each Little Toes session players will get to score REAL soccer goals with mom and dad on the field! This is a great introduction to the HappyFeet League for your littlest ones.

Happy Feet
HappyFeet Leagues are for kids ages 3-5. These programs are ideal for preschool age children. U4 League is 45 minutes in duration, 20 minutes of instruction and fun skill games followed by a 25 minute game each week. U6 sessions are 60 minutes each week, with 20-25 minutes of instruction and fun skill games followed by a 35-40 minute game. Contact Lew Potter at 716.989.9400 or Lew@HappyFeetBuffalo.com for more information.

Future Legends, Junior Legends
These programs are ideal for kids who are leaving the HappyFeet program and going to Kindergarten. Sessions for Future & Jr Legends are once per week and practices are twice a week for players that graduate to Legends. Contact Lew Potter at 716.989.9400 or Lew@HappyFeetBuffalo.com for more information.



Space is limited. Players will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

No Residency Rule - All are welcome!!!

$56 per player 


SUNAYS at Cheektowaga High School, 3600 Union Rd, Cheektowaga, NY 14225

League Start Date: September 7th 

Fall program is 5 weeks. Space is limited for the Fall program. 

  • Little Toes ages 2.5-3,  25-30 min session*  (9:00am start time)
  • HappyFeet ages 3-4,  35-40 min sessions** (9:45am start time)
  • Future Legends ages 5-6 (Kindergarden/1st grade) 60 min sessions  (10:45am start time)
  • Junior Legends (2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade)  60 min sessions (11:00am start time) - This group will be a skills session mixed with scrimmage games. This is strictly a developmental learning environment.

*Children that are not 3 yrs old yet (but close) may register for the youngest HappyFeet League, if parents feel they are ready.

**Curriculum and Length of each session are age appropriate - we want the kids to learn and have fun each session




CLICK HERE to email the Program Director as needed for more information






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